N. 29 June 2003 | Europe’s interest remains a multipolar world balance

Despite the american success in the Iraq War, in addition to the US’s allies uniting again, the only progressive framework for the international stage which would guarantee stability and actual developmente for every region in the planet, cannot but be based on multipolarism and the emergence of a European pole which would be impossible if we don’t launch a Euopean federal State.

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N. 27 February 2003 | The false alternatives in play in Brussels

At the Brussels Convention we’ll have to choose between two intergovernmental models, this is what’s at stake: the so-called community method on the one hand, a partially disguised one advocated by small Member States, and on the other hand a more explicit model backed by the larger States. A dispute that undermines cohesion among the orignal group of States, the only ones that can bring about Europe’s unification.

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